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Monday, January 18, 2010

Good ole cabin fever.

Yes, after the stomach flu, I have now contracted cabin fever. Usually, I get to go out at least on Sunday...but, it has now been a full week that I haven't left the house...on top of that, the weather has not been conducive to sending the children out much.  I am feeling a little antsy and dare I say...bored. Yep, I can get bored with six children in my home. Oh, it's not that I don't have anything to do, It is just that I don't want to do anything here.

So, I will blog. I will tell of the things I have enjoyed the past few days. I am glad that the flu has come and I was getting sick, I just told myself " It will all be over soon". And you know what? It's over! We survived and can move on. 

I have surely enjoyed the family time. Yesterday, Joe and I played a couple rounds of scrabble. He won the first round, which just riled up my inner competitive spirit and I just had to play again..and smash him I did! I love scrabble :)

This morning my amazing oldest daughter made an alphabet game for her younger sister. It was so cute, there was a little card for each letter then she mad a bunch of small happy and mad faces. (Not sure the mad face is all that cute, but her sister did not seem to mind.) Then Jubilee went through all the sounds of the alphabet with her and rewarded her memory accordingly. Such creativity. Totally self motivated and initiated. I love the things children come up with when left to there own fancy. Had I told her to do this, the experience would've been forced and unnatural.

Jackson and Caedence built this incredible block sculpture. The blocks that are all lined up are children going for a walk around the town. Beautiful. My three year old concentrated so intently as she lined each block one after another. No doubt an excellent activity for her hand eye coordination.

My homeschool philosophy is slowly morphing and changing as time goes on. I am taking notice of how much my children learn just in the normal course of a day as they explore their world. It seems to me, the more I step back, the more they learn. I don't mean to step back completely, but I do mean to pay more attention to their leanings and to know what inspires them. 

So, although I am going a little stir crazy, I am still thriving.

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