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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Homeschooling with games.

Best of Mad Libs

Last week my sister brought over some mad libs that she picked up at the local drug store. I didn't think much about it, then we got sick and they just sat on the counter for a while. Well, when we were recovering we hit some kinda boring down time, so I busted out the crazy things. I am so happy I did! My seven, six and almost five year old all now know what a noun, adjective and verb is, and are hungry for more! I know had I tried to teach this in a traditional manner, it would've been like pulling teeth. I wasn't even intending on teaching parts of speech, but now they know, and we have had a ball doing so.

Games for Math

Speaking of fun learning games. I adore the Games for math, reading, writing books by Peggy Kaye. These were first recommended to me by my good friend over at Duct Tape Chronicles. They are chock full of simple learning games that require common household items. The best part is that the kids love the games and even if they don't like one, you did not waste any money,you just try a different one. We played one of the math games today. I made a spiral on a quarter sheet of poster board, then I marked landing spots with shiny star stickers. After that, I made cards with the numbers 1-10 four times each and I made the instruction cards labeled add, subtract, double one and loose a turn. Then each player draws two number cards and an instruction card. Before you know it your kiddos are having a blast memorizing addition and subtraction facts. We only played the game once, and they were begging for more.

Also, they played with waffle blocks today and were so creative with them. Who knew that this plastic building toy is actually great material for making apparel? They created shoes and even a face mask with goggles. I love seeing my children's God-given imagination put into action.

I will not abandon the more traditional school things all together, because, some of my kiddos genuinely love workbooks, but I sure love making learning fun for them.

On top of all that, the house stayed pretty tidy, meals were tasty and the dishes are even done.It was such a sweet fun day together, full of good memories. Oh...there was much more than survival happening here today.

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