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The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thriving in the midst of illness and puke. (yes folks, it is possible)

I woke up this morning to my two year old wondering through the house shouting "ahwer! ahwer!" (translation water! water!). So I stumble to the kitchen and grant the little blondie his request. I stumble around a bit more, still trying to wake up. Then my eyes focus on the before mentioned toddler. There is something odd about his jammies. They had formed a crust. "Oh, you puked!" I blurted out. Now fully awake, I sweep up the little pumpkin and plop him in the tub.

That was how the day began. It could've gone swiftly downhill from there, but, I was determined to not let that happen. Afterall, I just started this blog on thriving and I can't fail on the second post.

So, How did I thrive today? Well, we did watch movies(Thanks to hubby signing up for Netfiix, again! WooHoo!).... Heidi, Madeline and a documentary about shark bite rescuers. Not too bad...could've been worse.

Then we did a super fun craft, that I noticed while surfing The Crafty Crow the other day. It took minimal materials and prep. My munchkins thoroughly  enjoyed it. It simply entails covering a glass bottle with yarn. The result was some nifty decorations, even if I do say so myself. ;) The site that first posted the idea is Scrumdilly-do.

Also the kiddos did some creative block construction while listening to classical violin music on pandora.

Jubilee did a little copy-work from the Psalms and did some artwork for the book she is working on. The others seemed happy and occupied for the most part and there were only two more puking incidents. I even managed to keep the house in pretty good order.

I was going to make granola bars...I'll save that for tomorrow....because it doesn't look like we will be going to our science co-op (I will tell you about that some other time). I'll need to do something to make up for it.

I am excited to see what tomorrow brings, hopefully no illness and many opportunities to thrive.

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