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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Family name plaque.

Have you heard of  the Think blog? Well, they post a weekly project that you can do with objects around the house. It is designed to be a challenge...hence to make kids think. Today we participated. We were stuck in a movie rutt and really, it was getting boring. You all know what happens when kids get bored. No good! Here are the instuctions from the blog

Sticking with the theme of few parameters and limited materials -- this weeks challenge is to place a box of nails, a board and string on the table. Then, create something.

A hammer may be used in construction but not the solution. 

Here is what we did: 

Getting started. 


Boys love hammers and nails, don't they?

One more from the boy......

A garage. :)

Way better than boredom.

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