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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet clams.

Tomorrow my friend and I are leading our science co-op. As a group we are going through  Apologia's "Swimming creatures of the fifth day". We read through a lesson, and meet every two weeks for a review, craft and science experiment. The lesson we are on is all about mollusks. Who knew that bivalves and gastropods could be such fun? Anyway, I came across this super cute cookie and simplified it to meet my needs. Here is my version and how to do it, if you so please.

Gather the ingredients:
Vanilla wafers
White chocolate covered pretzel rounds
Cherry frosting

To assemble:
Frost the flat side of the vanilla wafer.
place one pearl on the frosting.
prop another wafer (flat side down) on top.

Now, you have a clam sweet enough to eat.


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