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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spelling curriculum.

Allright...well it is not really a curriculum at all, but just a creative way to get those spelling lessons in. In the morning after breakfast chores I have my seven year old daughter write a to-do list. So she goes to town on our large dry-erase board (my all-purpose homeschool tool) that hangs in our living room. She lists all the activities she wants to do that day, and includes some things that I ask her to. Then I go down the list and correct the spelling. It is amazing to see improvement each day..sometimes after just one correction! I think the reason this works is because these are words that mean something to her, she has a connection to them, words like: knit, email, quilt, bike etc.... She enjoys this process and it is all very natural and free of stress. In addition she is practicing penmanship and time management. I am in love with homeschooling.

Do you have any other ideas for sneaking learning into your day?

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Anonymous said...

I love this method Cammie! Thanks for sharing your ideas. A big help for a future homeschool mother (provided I get married and have children anyway :) I could even do this now with my younger cousins!!!


Jon D. said...

Well whadya know. Cammie has blog!



When I was in school we used to play spelling baseball. If you could spell the word you got a base hit. If you could write a definition that was true you got a double (or something). If you wrote out the definition exactly you got a triple. If there was more than one definition and you wrote them all out you got a home run!

You set up two teams and go for it. (Two children?)

I don't know if it would work in a homeschool. I was at a private Christian school. But it sure was fun! (My team often won and we got PIZZA).

Now you know why I am such a genius to this very day!


Cammie said...

Why yes I have a blog! I've been blogging for a few years now, but this blog is fairly new. I am not to consistent with it. It is more of a creative outlet for me and a place to share some thoughts. Thanks for commenting the game sounds fun!

Jon D. said...


I see you have a common blogger connection with Renae at

God Bless!


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